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Friday, October 20, 2017

This "Revenge Blog" Will Be Going Private in November

In a couple of weeks I'll be making my "Revenge" Blog private and all future posts will be available only to those who send $25 and email me their email address that they will sign-on with, much the same way I granted access to many of you on my old blog.  Once this blog does go private, I will quickly repost the current chapters of "Revenge", on my regular blog, so that anyone who is interested can read the beginning of the novel and see if they're interested in joing, this, my "Revenge" Blog.

The Revenge Blog will feature one or two posts a month, until the posts catch up with what I'm writing, and then, I'm guessing that it will probably be more like one post a month or so, depending on how long it takes me to finish a chapter.  There's quite a bit of material, however, that I've already written, that needs to get posted before you all catch up to the point where I'm currently writing.  Now that I've posted the story up to the point were Tory swells to 10,000ccs, I will tell you that I spend a good deal of time with her at that size, getting into some details of her day to day life, as well as a few "adventures" that she gets into.  Her relationship with Ken gets explored, and its dynamics change quite a bit, as many of you are aware from my Christmas posts of "Revenge", which takes place just before Tory gets pumped to the next size.  Many people asked about how different Ken is to Tory in those posts, and my answer was: "You are reading a segment of the story that takes place much later than the earlier posts from the story."  I hope everyone will enjoy watching Tory grow, not only in chest size, but in mental attitude, as well, and I hope you all find how the dynamics between Tory and Ken change as something very interesting, indeed.  Once you're part of the privatized "Revenge" blog, you will be able to read and comment and as ask questions and make suggestions about the story, and, hopefully, you all will offer some feedback which will make the story even hotter and more interesting.

Look for a side panel describing how to "sign up" for "Revenge" on both this blog and my regular blog in about a week or so.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

"Revenge", Chapter 6, part 2

Well, here it is: the last "free" segment of "Revenge".  In a few weeks, this blog will go private by invitation only.  Look to the sidebar in the next week or so for information on how you can join the new "Revenge" blog.  A one-time fee will gain you access for months (or years) of breast expansion fiction that you can read and comment on.  One never knows what suggestions by readers may actually be incorporated into future segments.  Future chapters of Revenge will focus on various aspects of Tory's life with her monsturmental mammaries at 10K plus, and how she manages to cope with them.  I hope you'll join me on a wonderful BE adventure!

Please be aware that this is a first draft and is bound to have grammatical errors.



Shadowmuse Blown

Chapter Six
part 2

April 2016

And then the day came that Tory knew it would: the day when Ken led her back to the Pumping Room.  Unlike times past, when they arrived at the room's door, she turned to Ken and smiled.
"I was wondering when you were going to finish pumping me that last 2,000ccs," she said, and kissed him before entering the room.  To her surprise, though, the reclining chair was gone, or, at least, the bottom portion where she would rest her legs had been removed.  In its place, stirrups had been mounted, such as those she had to use at her ob/gyn.

She looked at him, curiously, and found a big grin on his face.

"Take off your shorts and panties," he said.  "I want to enter you while you expand."

She smiled broadly and stripped off her shorts and panties, but kept on the 3-inch spiked sneakers she had been wearing.  Ken loved her to walk about in high-heels, and these were made to look like Converse High-tops, but with a spike heel.

She climbed up onto the chair and spread her legs to position her high-heels in the stirrups.  Her crotch was at his groin-level.

"You really got everything all set here, huh?" she said, admiringly, as Ken went to get the needles and prep equipment.

Her big planets sat high on her chest, coddled by a new bra that he'd had made for her and gave her that morning.  Most of the time, she went braless—at Ken’s request, so as to stretch her skin—so it was nice to give the skin and muscles of her chest a bit of a rest.  The bra was of a white sheer silk design and was extremely tight.  Tory had been surprised when he'd given it to her as it seemed very flimsy.  She was sure that it would only last a few weeks before the strain of carrying around her twenty-six-and-a-half pounds of saline-filled breasts would destroy it.  Over the bra she wore a thin, white cotton short-sleeved top that had dozens of small buttons running up the front, which was only slightly looser than the bra.  Curiously, the blouse had a zipper up the back, but then Tory realized that the buttons were too small and delicate to really be of much function, and the zipper also simply made it easier to get into and out of the garment.

To Tory's surprise, the top had special slits designed into them at the shoulders so that Ken didn't need to remove her top in order to insert the needles.

But after he cleansed and then anesthetized the site where her ports were located, Tory was a bit taken aback by the sheer thickness of the new chrome needle which Ken held.  It was over two-inches long and tapered from a needle-point to a quarter-inch thick.  It was attached to a clear line that was equally as wide.

"Honey," she cleared her throat, "is that going into me?"

"Uh-huh," he said, nonchalantly. 

"But it's so wide!" she replied with some concern.

"Don't worry," he said, pushing the needle under the fabric of her top under the slit at her shoulder, "you're anesthetized.  You won't feel a thing."

She watched with a good deal of nervousness as he slowly slid the needle into the slit.  She couldn't feel it, and with the fabric covering the insertion site, couldn't see it, either.  But she knew that, slowly, a quarter-inch wide hole was being ripped into her shoulder.

"Why does it need to be so big?" she asked.

"For a quicker flow," he replied, as he twisted the needle until a slight "click" was heard as it latched into her port beneath her skin.  She watched him put gauze under the slit and tape the entire assembly to her shoulder.

"Why is that necessary?" she asked, feeling rather trepidatious.  "After all, isn't this the last time you'll need to pump my tits?"

"The doctor suggested it as a precaution," Ken replied, as he prepped her other shoulder.

Something didn't add up, but she said nothing more on the subject.

She decided to just go with it, and tease him in the meantime.

"You gettin' all excited, honey?" she cooed.  "You thinkin' about your Tory getting all pumped?  Bet you can't wait to see my big balloons swell up even bigger!  Oh honey!  I'm gonna get so big for you!"

As he finished taping the second needle in place, she looked at his crotch as he came around in front of her, and was pleased to see it swollen and distended.

"Oh honey!" she cooed.  "Drop those pants and let me see it big and angry!"

He got naked from the waist down and stood between her legs, his cock a mere inch from her spread vaginal lips.

"Don't you need to turn the machine on?" she asked.

He smiled and reached for a small remote on a little table beside them.

She grinned, in return.  "You think of everything, don't you?" she asked.

With a few clicks, the machine came to life, the Cupsize Indicator was set to "ZD", the CCs window was initialized to her current volume of 6,000ccs, and the Speed Indicator was reset to "SLOW" from "MEDIUM".  He then held out the remote to her, showing her the ON/OFF button.

Her smile grew broader as she reached out and let her index finger hover over the button.

"Let's pump me up really big!" she cooed, and let her finger touch the button. 

It was touch sensitive, so that at her merest contact, the pump sprang to life and her implants began to fill with warm saline.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned.  "Watch me grow, honey," she whispered.  "Watch me grow and swell before your eyes..."

She watched as his cock jumped at her words, and felt the influx of new saline fill her breasts.  The rate seemed a little faster than with the old needles with the pump on "medium" speed.  She watched the read-out on the console and saw that she was already past 6300ccs.

"Ooooo, honey..." she cooed.  "I can feel the weight fill my big balloons...  I can feel my skin stretch as the implants fill-up... Gonna get so big for you..."

He nestled his bloated cockhead between her out lips as his hands went to her swelling bosoms, running his palms across their vast surface.

"The bra's getting so tight, honey," she reported.  Now she knew the reason for the flimsy bra that was tight when she put it on.  He wanted to watch as her expanding tits blew it apart.  She was less sure about the blouse, however.  Could she really blow open the blouse with couple of thousand extra CCs?


She winced as the bra began to dig into her skin--her breasts pushing out forcefully, now, on the silk.  "Oh honey, this bra is getting really tight, now...  I'm getting so big...."

He began to push his cockhead into her wet tunnel, felt her lusciousness envelope him.  She felt so good!  So delicious!  So wet and velvety!

There was a pop as a seam gave way in the tortured bra.

"Oh honey!" she cried out in mock alarm.  "My bra is gonna burst if you keep filling me like this!  You don't want to ruin it, do you?"

Ken put his hands around her butt and began to slowly pump himself in her slick, amazingly sensual canal.  He wasn't sure just how long he'd last.  With every seam pop, his cock grew ever more excited.


It really IS getting uncomfortable, Tory thought to herself as her ever-swelling balloons tried to destroy the bra she was wearing.  Breathing was becoming quite difficult.  The bra creaked and groaned as pounds and pounds of saline-filled tit-flesh pushed out against it from every angle.  Her breasts tried to force themselves over the tops and under the cups as they fought for any way to escape their ever-smaller prison.

"Honey..." she said, finding it difficult to breathe, now.  "What if the bra doesn't break?  I'm getting so... so big... I can't..."

 And then at 7200ccs Ken watched as the bra popped open and the full force of her giant bosoms pressed against the buttons of the blouse.  It looked like a mini-explosion within her top, and now, the once loose buttons had their own battle to fight, but they were no where near straining, yet.
Ken had to stop stroking so as not to explode, himself.

"Oh shit!" Tory exclaimed, laughing.  "I thought that thing would never give up the ghost..."  She looked down at her ever-filling blouse.  "I'm huge."

And she was growing: now past 7500ccs.

"Honey," she said, "I don't think I'm gonna get big enough in 500ccs to bust this blouse."

Ken, once again, began to slowly stroke her.

She smiled, wickedly.  "You nearly lost it when the bra popped, didn't you?"


"Am I big enough for you now, honey?" she teased, shifting her shoulders to one side and the other in order to rock her big boulders before his gaze.


The buttons began to pull as gaps began to appear between them.

"I'm straining this blouse now, honey," she said.  "But I don't think it's gonna be enough."


Tory glanced at the read-out, a little apprehensively.

"Hon'," she said, louder.  "It's gone past 8000.  Did you forget to set the limit?"

He said nothing, but continued to pump her.

"Honey!"  she cried, somewhat in alarm.  "What's gonna happen to the implants if they get pumped too much past their limit?"

"Don't worry," he finally said.  "These are made to accept more saline."


"What?" she asked, puzzled.  "You said that they were simply replacements."

"They are," he replied.  "But they're rated much higher than your old implants."

"W... What?" she stuttered.  "No, that can't be... You said... Honey..." she was beginning to panic.  How big would she get now?


The buttons were really straining now and wide gaps showed between them as seams began to rip and pop in the blouse.

"Honey!" she cried.  "I don't want to get any bigger than this!   Please!"  She looked down at her gigantic pounders swelling beneath her gaze to a size she hadn't dreamed of before now.  "They're so heavy!  Oh honey, please stop pumping me!  Stop!"


A button flew off the front of her blouse as she swelled ever-greater.  Then, in rapid succession, the other buttons followed suit, jettisoning themselves all together so that her creamy twin spheres seemed to explode into the room.


Ken groaned and exploded deep within her tight box, flooding her with thick sauce.
Becoming panic-stricken now, Tory put her hands to the outsides of her fast ballooning blimps, as if to try to stop their expansion with her palms.

"No!" she cried.  "No bigger!  They're SO FUCKING HUGE!  Oh, honey!  Please!  No more!  PLEASE STOP PUMPING MY TITS!"

Ken continued to unload within her velvety dreamlike tunnel as he shook from each wave of orgasm.  


"Holy shit!  Holy shit!  Holy shit!" she cried in rapid succession.  "They're as big as basketballs now!  Fuck!  Stop it!  Stop it!"  Tears began to run down the sides of her eyes as she ran her palms over and over her swelling delights.


"Look at me," he said, quietly as his orgasm began to wind down.

She did, breathing rapidly.

"You look insanely incredible," he told her.  "Tell me you want these big tits just to drive me crazy."

"Uh..." She calmed down somewhat, even as she felt the seriously heavy tug from her twin leviathans.


"Tell me you want to be this big," he said, putting his hands on hers and pressing slightly on her oversized party balloons.

"Okay," she said, quietly.  "If... if it's something you really want."

"I do," he replied.

She bit her lip.  Her face was wet from tears.  "Then I want them, too."


The pump stopped, automatically, and Tory looked slowly at the final number of cubic centimeters which had been pumped into her teeming titans: 4,000ccs in total.  It was as if someone had emptied the contents of two two-liter soda bottles into each of her breasts.

So big.

In a minor state of shock—her breathing only now beginning to calm down—she looked down at the absolutely HUGE pair of saline balloons jutting out from her ribcage.  They were bigger than basketballs!  Each breast was a giant flesh sphere sticking out over ten-and-a-half inches--over 21 inches wide!

They were heavy!  She felt them pull at her skin and shoulder muscles. 

Monstrously big.

Her attention was caught by a splattering sound.  It was only then that she realized that Ken was still stroking her, his hands still holding her own tightly against her major league domos, and that he was cumming.  He was cumming and cumming and cumming and his load was overflowing her box and splattering to the linoleum floor.

She was his blow-up doll, and he had blown her up so very very big.

She watched him stare at her whales as he continued to pump her, his body shaking.  She felt detached.  It was the first time that she wasn't in total ecstasy that he was having an orgasm.

She had told him that she wanted to be this big if it was something he wanted.

Did she really feel that way?

She was SO... FUCKING... BIG!

She was a freak's freak.  Insanely huge.  A fantasy come to life.

Right now, she wasn't particularly happy with Ken.  She didn't really want tits this big, even for him.  She had been ready to go as big as 8,000ccs per boob, but that hadn't been good enough for him, and he'd wanted to push it further.  Her chest was now about ten pounds heavier than she would've been at 8,000, and each breast was nearly an inch wider than it would have been.  In truth, she would've been freakishly big at 8,000ccs, too, but fuck... She was now so much bigger than that!  Four thousand CCs had just been pumped into her tits in one sitting!

He was transfixed on her gargantuan tits.  She felt a twinge of excitement, now, at the thought of just how much he was cumming because of her ultra-super-blown size.  Semen continued to splatter to the floor.  How much was he cumming?  She might be his blow-up doll, but he was powerless against the sheer girth of her bosoms.  She watched his transfixed stare, felt his fingers try to dig into her swollen monsters, his palms pressing inward on her hands, but to little avail, as she was so pumped full of saline, that her breasts had almost no give.

She nodded, inwardly.  She could have a serious ton of fun teasing him with these babies, there was no doubt.  Part of her reminded herself that her fans would go absolutely gaga.

But another part of herself piped up in her head: Are you living to make others happy?  What about yourself?

She actually laughed a bit, making Ken look up her face as he finished his orgasm and withdrew.

Myself!  she chided herself.  That's all I used to do was live for me!  I didn't give a shit about anyone else and trampled on anyone I thought wasn't up to my vision of perfection.  I was a fucking cunt when I lived to only make myself happy.  Getting big tits forced me into seeing what a little shit I used to be.  Maybe having them pumped so fucking big is my medicine, my comeuppance.

"I was just thinking," she said in response to Ken's puzzled look, "that I was completely flatchest just the other year, and now I'm bigger than ninety-nine point nine nine nine nine percent of the women on this planet."

"You look so fucking hot..." he replied, running his palms over her massive balloons.  "I've only seen two women as big as this, and they're on the internet."

Her eyes lit up as she felt his cock push against her vulva.  It was hard as rock again, already.

"You ready to fuck me again, so soon?" she teased.

For an answer, he slipped his spike deep into her vagina, once more, with a deep sigh, leaning forward, this time to feel her hyper-bloated blimps against his chest.

"Fuck me," she urged, with slitted eyes.  "I wanna see how fast I can make you cum, again..."

He stood upright, once more, took hold of her wide hips, and began to stroke her, once more.

"Uhh..." he moaned, watching how his quick strokes made her titans bounce, in response.

"Harder," she commanded.  "Fuck me harder...  How long can you stand it against my super-tits, honey?  Can you pop in three minutes, right after cumming so hard just a minute ago? Are my tits big enough to make you explode so soon?"

He slammed into her now, making her dirigibles bobble as an echo to his movements.

Tory laughed as she watched his eyes bug out from his excitement.

"You can't help it, can you?" she teased.  "I'm so fucking big that it's just gonna rip another orgasm right out of that fat cock of yours, isn't it?  Oh honey!  That's it!  Oh shit... Fuck me, honey!  Fuck me hard and bust for me!  Yeah!  I'm so fucking big that you can't resist!  Holy shit!"

After just two minutes, Ken slammed his rocket into her once more, very deeply, where it ignited and shot its hot fuel deep inside her.

"Oh FUCK, that's hot!" she squealed.  "Pump me, honey!  Fill me up again!  Yeah!"

Where she had been so detached, just a couple of minutes ago, she was now hyper-excited.  As Ken ground his pelvis into her distended clit, she exploded, and groaned loudly as his cum began to ooze out of her tight box, once more.  She grabbed her mammoth orbs as she came, feeling their mighty presence as wave after wave of deliciousness poured out of her groin.  When Ken reached up and tweaked her fat nipples, her groans turned to screams, and she felt her orgasm grow to encompass her tit-spigots, as well.  She twitched and bucked as he twisted her tootsie-roll-nippies, watching him over her twin spheres of super-swollen flesh.

As she came and came, she inwardly wondered at how detached and upset she had been only moments before, and now, she was hyper-excited and not only accepting of her situation, but embracing it, as well.

As their orgasms wound down, Ken collapsed on her heaving planets, his softening cock still within her.  Tory chuckled and stroked his sweat-filled hair.

"Oh baby..." he said, softly.  "You're so intense...  I can't help but get so excited."

She smiled.  "I know," she said, feeling his cock grow stiff once more.  "Do it again."
He slowly stood up, admiring his creation, as his cock grew iron-hard, once more.  He ran his hands over her sweat-covered zeppelins and began to slowly stroke into her, again.

"Holy shit..." she murmured.  "My new balloons just push you past your limits, don't they, honey?"

"You're so fucking awesome..." he whispered, beginning to pick up speed, again.

"Let's see how long it takes you this time," she cooed.  "Drill your overpumped blow-up doll, honey.  Drill me good and hard.  I want you to cum as fast as you can."

In response to her words, he began to pound her, yet again, making her swollen whales bounce a third time.

"Yeah!" she cried.  "That's it, honey!  Oh fuck!  Ungh!  Ungh!  Feels so good... I want you to do it again, honey... I wanna feel you explode inside me again... Am I big enough for you now?  Am I finally big enough to make you cum three times in a row, hun?  Oh yeah... Feel it build, honey...  I'm too fuckin' big for you... You have no choice, honey... You're gonna pop for my huge titties..."
Sweat poured from ever surface of Ken's body as he wailed away at her crotch, his orgasm beginning to build as he looked at just how much bigger her bosoms were, how they had swollen so far beyond her ribcage, completely obliterating her torso and most of her stomach.  So fucking HUGE!

She could see it in his eyes: he was closing in on another orgasm.  He simply couldn't help himself.  She felt like she had attained some sort of sexual god status, now.  How many times could she make him cum?  Three?  Four?  More?  It was intoxicating to be the object of someone's helpless sexual desire.

"Oh yeah, honey..." she coaxed.  "That's it... You're gonna cum for me and my fat tits again... Oh yeah... Build it, honey... Let it build and build because of my gigantic balloon-tits, honey... So big you can't help but cum... Yeaaaahhhh..."

At the four minute mark, Ken's mouth fell open, and Tory knew he was there.

"That's it, honey!  You can't help it!  Cum!  Cum!"

From deep within his being, Ken groaned and his cock exploded once more within her luscious goodness.

"Oh fuck!" she cried.  "Oh fuck, yeah!  Pump me, honey!  Pump me good!  Oh yeah!  Fill me up with more cum!  Oh yeah... sweet honey... fill me... fill me... Just keep pumping me and my swollen bosoms, honey... Just cum and cum and cum..."

I am NOT gonna be able to walk after this, Tory thought, gleefully, to herself.

Ken fell forward onto her giant tanks, his head lying sideways in her cleavage as he slowly stroked himself within her as he came.  He was panting and grunting, leaning on his elbows, which were placed to either side of her on the chair.  She felt him spasm with each wave as he pumped what semen he had left into her hot box.  He wound down much faster and she heard no excess splatter to the floor this time.  But he was helpless as he lay there.  Helpless to do naught but cum.  And she would push him again in a few minutes, and she had little doubt that she'd get him hard once more.  The thought excited her immensely and she felt her clit tingle as he now slowly slid in and out of her as his orgasm ebbed.  Soon, she would force him to grow once more, almost against his will, and make him pump himself till he came, yet again, and the thought made her excitement build and build so that as Ken shuddered in a post-orgasmic echo, Tory's clitoris exploded in delirium.  She grabbed his head and pushed it down into her breasts as her vagina jack-hammered his rod.

Ken, who's cock was in a particularly sensitive state—during his post-orgasmic shudders—opened his mouth as he gasped, his fingers reaching up to clasp her balloon-tits as his hyper-sensitive dome as treated to intense stimulation.  His eyes seemed to pop out of his sockets as her groin thrust itself over his over-stimulated rod. 

He tried to raise his head and failed, but managed to twist his neck in order to be able to look her face and saw that her eyes had rolled up in their sockets, her mouth open in a silent scream, her hands still trying to push his head into her cleavage.  As his cock was put through an almost painful treatment, he also found it highly erotic and, after the first few seconds, found that he was, again, growing excited once more.  The super-sensitive feeling was replaced by an erotically-sensitive one and he found that being a "prisoner" to Tory's orgasmic frenzy—his chin shoved between her megalithic boobs; his cock getting stroked for him—was pushing him toward a forth orgasm of his own.

As Tory began to come down from her orgasmic high, she regained her eyesight and looked down at her lover—his head sunk down halfway within her cleavage—and realized that he was about to cum again, even as her own orgasm was fading.

"Oh sweetie..." whispered, continuing to stroke him, and turned on by his pending forth orgasm, "that's it, honey... pop for me again... cum inside your Tory one more time, honey, and then I'll let you rest...  But Tory needs you to 'splode one more time... Feel my big balloons around your head?... They're so big... you can't resist... you gotta cum for me... pop it one more time, honey... you can't help it... my big titties demand it... cum!  cum! CUM!

"So..." Ken managed to say.

"What, honey?" she coaxed.  "What're you sayin'?"

"So..." He looked so tired.  "So... big..."

She smiled, deviously.  "That's right, little boy.  Mama's big fat tits are so big they could crush your fucking head...  So fucking big!"

And that was where Ken lost it.  His eyes bulged and a little "uh" escaped his lips as his cockhead burst far down her mine-shaft.

"Oh!" Tory whispered, as she saw the look on his face and felt his body shudder.  Instantly, her own love-button popped, once more.  Out of seemingly nowhere, her clit exploded in waves of soft, sensual orgasms, very different than the one's she had just finished having.  This was an "empathic" orgasm, set off more by her mental state of mind than anything else.  As her tunnel flooded with vaginal juices, she heard the splatter on the floor once more, but this time, it was her own fluid, not his, that gushed to the linoleum.

"Oh, honey..." she cooed.  "Oh honey... oh honey... oh honey... I love to feel you cum inside me...  And now I can make you cum anytime I want..."

"Uh..." was all Ken could say as his orgasm finished.  She let go of his head so that he could lift it from betwixt her swollen spheres.  He panted deeply.  "Holy shit..." he managed to say, looking at her gorgeous face.

"What?" she teased, her own orgasm winding down now, as well.

"You're truly a fantasy come to life..." he said, and shuddered once more in post-orgasmic delight.

She smiled and told him to pull out.  "Next time maybe we can try for five," she said.

He laughed as he stood up right, using the stirrups for support as he continued to regain his breath.  "You're gonna kill me," he said, grinning.

"Perhaps," she replied, "but you'd die happy."

He nodded.  "It would be a good death."

With a wince, she pulled a leg from one of the stirrups and then the other.  "Holy shit, do my legs ache," she confided.

"Whoa," he said, grabbing her foot and putting it back in the stirrup.


"You're still attached to the hoses," he pointed out.  "You get up and you're gonna feel it when those needles try to get yanked out of your ports."

"Oh, shit!" she said, reclining again after attempting to sit up.  "Could you hurry disconnecting me, though?  These balloons aren't filled with air.  I feel like I've got two walruses sitting on my ribcage and pulling at my shoulders."

Ken washed up at the sink and then removed the needles.  The gauze had gotten blood soaked.  When he removed each needle, he applied some sort of gel to each wound, explaining that it was a type of liquid bandage.

Finally, she was ready to take her legs out of the stirrups, but complained about her thigh muscles when she did so.

He smiled.  "You sure you want to try for five, next time?" he asked her.

"Definitely," she said.  Then: "Oh..." as she tried to sit straight up from the reclining position of the chair.

"What?" he asked, his breathing returning to normal.
"They're so heavy!" she replied, placing her hands under her gigantic cannons to relieve a bit of the sudden pull on her shoulders.  "They used to weigh a little more than 26 pounds, together," she continued.  "That was a lot, but I could deal with it fairly easy.  But this!"

"Ten thousand CCs should weigh about 44 pounds, all-together," he replied.

"Forty-four pounds!" she exclaimed.  "Shit!  No wonder it feels like I have a pair of cement sacks attached to my skin!"

"Can you stand up?" he asked.

"Let's find out," she said, placing her feet on the floor.  Bracing herself, she got to her feet.  "Fuck!" she cried out as the full weight of her leviathans was felt as they dragged at her torso, trying to pull her shoulders forward and attempting to bend her spine in the same direction.  "These are some heavy puppies," she noted.  "This is gonna take some getting used to.  I have to fight to take a step."  The weight transfer surprised her as she took a single step forward.  "Oh my goodness, they want to pull me to the ground!"  She took a couple of steps forward and looked at her reflection in a full-length mirror.  "Holy shit, I'm huge!"  She also noted that she was standing oddly, leaning backward, somewhat, with her shoulders too far back, compensating for the great weight at the front of her ribcage.  "It's not easy just standing here," she said, and turned to look at him.

Ken had a magnificently enormous erection, which made her laugh.  Instantly, she doubled over and fell forward.

"What the fuck happened?" she asked Ken, as he helped her to her feet.

"Are you okay?" he wanted to know.

"Yeah," she said, attempting to stand upright, again.  "I just don't understand why I went down."

"Your abdominal muscles were busy holding you upright," he replied.  "When you laughed, maybe they got distracted and couldn't make you laugh and hold you up."

"Shit," she said.  "Oh wow... my areolas are, like, four inches wide now!"

"They look fucking hot," Ken noted.

"You look ready to burst," she said, stroking his cock with her right hand.

"That's because you look ready to burst!" he replied.

"Here," she said, and placed her heavy burdens on the counter and splaying her legs.  Bent at the waist, she offered her succulent ass to his eyes.  "I'll just rest my boobs here for a bit.  You wanna try for five, in the meantime?"

He needed no further urging and quickly slipped his aching boner into her warm, slick canal.  The way those stupendous saline-bags bulged out to either side of her, hardly compressed at all by her ribcage, drove him crazy.  He began to pound her mercilessly, as she urged him on.

"Come on, honey!" she called.  "Oh yeah!  As fast as you can!"

But he wanted to see her giant gourds swing freely.  So, he slowed down and began to pull her backward by grabbing onto her hips.

"Hun!" she called.  "You're pulling me back!"

As he pulled her hips back with him, her great gozangas spilled off the counter.  With an audible, "Oooooffff!" from Tory, her heavy hooters dove toward the floor, yanking her skin and pulling on her musculature.  Tory ground her teeth as 44 pounds of saline were held above the floor by her own skin.

Now Ken began to pound her severely, again, his orgasm building rapidly as he watched her giant cauldrons swing in response to his powerful drives.

Bang!  Bang!  Bang!

Her monster tits struck the cabinets beneath the countertop with each thrust.

"Ungh!" groaned Tory, as her grossly overpumped cisterns took their toll on her body.

It was too much for Ken's delirious cock and he finally detonated inside her for the fifth time within the past quarter hour.

"Oh yeah, honey..." Tory moaned, as Ken tried to drive his spike as deeply into her as humanly possible.  "Push it in deep, honey.  Cum far, far, inside your super-udder cow.  So fucking big you can't help but cum and cum and cum!"  Her leaden breasts felt so heavy that it seemed as though they were trying to rip the skin from her chest as they hung below her ribcage, but she tried to ignore that, so that it wouldn't interfere with her attempts to get him to cum as many times in a row as possible.

Ken couldn't believe how awesome she looked with those elephantine Chinese lanterns hanging from her chest.  SO FUCKING BIG.  His tired pecker came and came inside her cavern of lust as he held her hips to him so tightly.

When he'd finished, she needed him to help her stand up.

"You alright?" he asked, his arm around her back as he stood next to her to support her.

"I feel like I've been in boxing ring with a crazed gorilla for a few days," she replied.  "A crazed gorilla who beat me with a medicine ball, that is."

As she attempted to walk, she winced a little after having him bang her so hard with her legs spread for so many times.  Then she winced as her gargantuan gourds shifted on her chest with each step, pulling deeply on already pulled muscles and strained skin.

"Come on," he said, "let's get you to the bedroom."

Slowly, they made their way out into the hall, and shuffled down it toward the living areas.  His bedroom wasn't far, but their progress was slow.  As he looked down on her exhausted form, he couldn't help but get excited by how outrageously enormous her balloon-breasts looked, sprouting from her chest, many folds of skin sticking out as they strained to hold the behemoth spherical super-weight dangling below, evidence of just how heavy that weight had grown.  An invasive force had grown beneath that skin, swelling from a foreign body beneath it until it was insanely outsized for her frame, like some sort of malevolent tumor trying to take over her body, growing bigger and bigger all the time.  Her fantastically bloated protuberances were beginning to overtax the organism to which they were attached.  Heedlessly, and without any empathy for the being of which they were a part of, they were like some sort of parasite, using the resources of its host to grow larger and larger until they became a liability and a sapper of energy, threatening to overtake the very host that supported it.

"Fuck," she said, looking at his cock, "you're really hard!"

"Fuck," he retorted, "you're really big!"

She smiled as they entered his bedroom.  Then, as they approached the foot of his kingsize bed, she turned to him and said, "Fuck," then turned her head up to kiss him.  "Me."

Ken walked Tory over to the bed so that it was behind them, then, together, they sat on the edge of the bed.

Having Ken's arm around her back and under her shoulders was certainly a great help in sitting down. Tory was quite sure that had Ken not been there, she would've simply collapsed on the mattress. Her back was beginning to ache from bending over in the Pump Room while her mighty juggernauts had hung free. Without Ken's assistance, it probably would've hurt too much to try a controlled seating.

Once they were completely sitting he removed his arm from behind her back, took her gorgeous face in his hands and kissed her passionately, his iron cock throbbing from excitement.

Tory melted as she felt his soft lips on hers and her excitement grew by leaps and bounds as his big tongue began to fuck her mouth. She loved the feeling of being invaded by his cock and his tongue. She reached out and found his cock super hard and ready. After a few moments, she began to pull back to say something to him.

"Oh honey," she began, "I want—" But Ken moved forward and shoved his fat tongue back into her mouth as she spoke. She tried to speak, but her words were garbled by his huge oral organ invading her mouth.  As she tried to form words she felt it big and thick in her mouth, first licking the roof of her mouth, then driving under her own tongue, then forcing itself back into her throat.  She loved this for some reason: the idea of trying to talk, but totally overcome by slick, phallus-like snake invading a very private space like her own mouth, forcing itself on her and totally uninterested in anything she might have to say.  She felt her clit pound as he continued to assault her oral cavity even as his left hand was caressing her hyper-swollen left flesh-tub, making him grow harder and harder.

He pushed her back on the bed, as he continued his oral assault. Tory felt the air knocked out of her as her twin twenty-two pound water balloons fell onto her torso. The combined forty-four pounds of weight seemingly tried to crush her ribs and force the air out of her lungs, even as Ken continued to drill his tongue deep into her head.

Tory tried to draw breath, but it wasn't easy.  Between the excessive weight of her bloated jeroboams pressing down on her lungs, and Ken's eager tongue filling her mouth, she had to fight to gain any breath she could.  She tried to tell him that she needed to breathe, but he continued to play the little game of occupying her mouth with his oral organ so that she was unable to speak.

Then his fingers found her left nipple and began to tweak and tease it, and within seconds her other nipple was getting fondled, too.  Ken was kneeling beside her, his tongue thrust deep into her mouth and his fingers teasing her thick spiggots.

She fought for breath even as she grew more and more excited.  Somehow, the fight for air became arousing in itself.  She seemed to be getting enough to keep from blacking out, but it was never enough to her satisfaction until, finally, after several long minutes, Ken arose and got off the mattress.  Even then, with her airway clear of invading tongue, taking a deep breath was a little challenging, as the massive weight that bore down on her ribs impeded her progress.

And they were her own breasts.

Her clitoris pulsed.

Why did she find that idea exciting?  Why was the idea of her own breasts ballooned to the size of super basketballs now a source of sexual excitement?  How did an appendage, which she'd always considered disgusting, now become an object of sexual arousal? 

She was lying with her back and buttocks on the mattress and her thighs out over the side of the bed.  She couldn't see Ken at the moment.  She raised her head, slightly, and looked down at the two swollen mountains of flesh rising from her torso.  She could see nothing past them.  A couple of years ago, she'd have been able to see her abdomen and crotch and the whole room beyond.  Now, all of that was blocked from view by the massive mounds of flesh-colored water balloons that were beached on her body.  She was sure that Ken was admiring her new form, just out of sight between her legs, his cock stiff and scarlet, but her giant juggernauts prevented her from seeing.

Part of her found the visage repulsive.  It wasn't just the fact that she had breasts now.  No, she had gotten used to that idea: it was the idea of just how big and swollen that they had become that repulsed this part of her.  Cow!  You truly are a cow with ridiculously swollen udders!  You're only an object of sex to be ogled and fondled, and whose fate is to always get her fat, bloated teats pumped even BIGGER!  She had always been so svelte and independent when she had been flatchested.  She had been her own woman.  Now she was a freak with breasts pumped so full of saline that she could barely breathe while on her back.  Who would have ever thought that she'd wind up as a sex toy with stripper balloon tits so oversized that only a handful of women in the world were of similar dimensions.  Cow!  Stripper!  Whore!

And yet, bizarrely enough, another part of her was incredibly excited by the prospect of her gargantuan bosoms. The part that wanted to please Ken was highly excited by the idea of having a chest that was so large and cumbersome that it caused inconvenience and discomfort. The idea that her own breasts were so fucking humongous that they caused Ken to become so excited that he could not stop fucking and cumming in her, drove her crazy with lust. She loved Ken and felt so complete with him that nothing else mattered. Her stupid spiteful "friends" had disowned her as her bust had swollen, and her job, once so important, had fired her. Everything she had now revolved around Ken and her exotic dancing, and having ridiculously huge breasts were central to both of these.  There was no one left to ridicule her except her family and she would not go there. She had gotten too big too fast for them to accept her, she knew. So now, she only maintained contact with them on the phone and email. 

She watched as Ken's head rose over her twin mountains like the sun coming up in the morning.  He took her legs and raised them up and spread her thighs to the side.  Then she felt his fat cockhead push into her wet lips and in an instant he had sank to the hilt.

"Uhh..." she said, in response.  "That's it... My big bloaters are too much for you, honey... You gotta fuck me... You gotta cum for me a sixth time..."

Ken placed his hands on her colossal caissons, holding them together as he began to stroke once more that afternoon.

"Yeaaaahhhh... Feel how fucking gargantuan my balloons are!... Unhh... unhh... unhh..."  She could only see Ken's head and shoulders above her two hemispheres as he stroked her harder and faster.  "That's it, honey... uh!... Fuck me harder!... uh!... Yeah... So big for you..."

Ken moved his hands from the outer sides of her swollen monstrosities to her perky nipples and began to tweak and tug on them as he continued to forcefully pump his piston within her luscious cylinder.

"Oh!  Yeah!" she cried out, her eyes as big as saucers.  Her vast pyramids moved dully in reaction to Ken's thrusts.  Nothing with that shear amount of mass could be moved easily.  As they bulged up towards her face, Tory felt as though they were drawing nearer with each thrust.  Would they eventually cover her face and smother her?  "Oh!  uh!... Keep doing that!  uh!... You're... uh!... gonna... uh!... make... uh!... me..."

Tory screamed as her combined nipple and clitoris orgasm ravaged her body. 

Ken, whose own orgasm had been building fairly rapidly, was pushed over the edge, and he, too, detonated—his bulb exploding deep inside her tunnel.

After the two finished cumming, and Ken pulled out of her, Tory laughed.

"Holy shit!" she said.  "I'm so fucking sore!"

She lifted her head, but did not see Ken, who had collapsed onto the floor.  She could hear him softly laughing.

"I can't believe how many times you got me to cum," she heard him say, in disbelief.

"Can you get up and come up here beside me?" she asked, maneuvering her sore thighs so that she could use her legs to get them onto the mattress.  As she attempted to bring her legs and hips around, Ken got up and helped her, so that her entire body was now on the bed. 

He climbed on the mattress, kneeling next to her, and then, seeing that she was having difficulty turning onto her side, took hold of her left shoulder to pull it up until she was orientated correctly, her right arm proping her head up.  Laying there on her side like that, Ken was struck by how high her superblown baubles were when stacked, the left one atop the right.  They sat like a two-snowball snowman, over twenty inches high.

"Holy shit," he said, admiring her gargantuan gourds, her deep pink four-inch areolae planted dead in front, and her gnarly nipples seemingly trying to reach out for him.  "You're so fucking enormous now."

"And you're so fucking hard again!" she replied.  She wanted to reach out and stroke him, but her humongous hooters were too vast for her to reach around and touch him.  Instead, she told him to get the lubricant out of the bedside table so that he could fuck her superblown bazongas.  "I want you to pop a seventh time, honey," she coaxed as he coated his throbbing member and then placed its scarlet head against her insanely deep cleavage. 

Ken placed his hands on either side of her top bosom--how vast it was!  Bigger than a basketball!  Because of the weight of her higher breast, her cleavage line was flat as the top breast tried to flatten its lower sibling just a bit. 

With a gasp, he pushed his enraged cock between her heavy bloated bosoms.  He couldn't believe how delicious it felt to force his teeming member betwixt those swollen kegs.  Her skin was soft and supple, but the weight of her gigantic implants made his journey tight, with her monster mammaries enveloping him like a glove.  The great pressure of the saline pressing down on his excited organ added to the erotic experience.  He shuddered as he finished his first stroke between those bloated whales, feeling the curve of her upper bosom as it pressed against his groin and abdomen, her stiff nipple piercing his stomach.

"Feel good in there, honey?" she teased, as Ken began to slide in and out of her fantasy cleavage.  

"Does your little dick feel ecstasy lying between my mighty crushing jumbos?  Ohhh yeahhhh... Stroke it, honey... Stroke it till you pop, honey!"

She was so incredibly HUGE.  It was hard to believe that the hoppity hop that he held in his hands was really Tory's left breast.  Flatchested just two years ago and now!  He had transformed her into a sex fantasy extraordinaire.  He looked down at her face, her head smaller than either of her swollen glands, awe-struck by how enormous she'd let him pump her. 

"Ungh..." he moaned, as he slid back into that gloriously tight and slick tunnel between her party-balloons created by his hyper-excited cock.  Did she have any idea how big he was going to pump her still?  Did she think, once more, that this was going to be her final size, or had she finally concluded that he meant to force thousands of CCs more into her chest?  The idea was probably so bizarre to her that she wound never conceive of just how behemothic he wanted to pump her.  His orgasm built fast as he considered her with such hippopotomic breasts that she would simply be unable to move, a woman attached to twin beached whales who could do nothing but receive food and sex.

"OH!" he exclaimed, as the idea ignited his missile and he exploded deep between her pair of Olympus Mons.

"Oh, YEAH, honey!" she squealed.  "Pump it!  Pump it hard between my bloated boobies, honey!  Oh, fuck, yeah!" 

Tory watched as Ken pumped her cleavage with abandon as he came and came between her oversized love-blimps.  Sweat poured off of his body, showering her with beads of perspiration as he exploded again and again 'twixt her supersized saline fleshbags.  He was like an animal: unable to stop himself as he wore himself down with the effort of pumping her cyclopean kettles of desire to the height of his ability.


He was helpless to his lust.  All he could do was fuck her elephantine tubs as hard as he could, and feel how good it felt to release again and again within her hulking mass of flesh and saline.

She laughed as she watched him unload what little was left of his sweet cargo within her endless cleavage.  Cum little man!  Feel your ecstasy between my goddesses!

When Ken had finished his orgasm, he semi-collapsed onto her top mammoth mammary and kept his softening member between her super-jumbos, shaking as his post-orgasmic echoes reverberated between her monster melons. 

He continued to clutch her upper breast as Tory felt his sweat slowly drip onto her prone form.  She smiled as he finally let go and slid out of her cock-crushers only to fall to the mattress by her side.

He lay there, still panting—his chest heaving for oxygen after his intense workout—as he looked at her gorgeous face.

She laughed with delight.

"Tired, little man?" she teased.

He nodded, as he placed his left hand upon the front of her lower bosom.

"So... fucking... hot..." he said between pants.

She smiled, deviously.

"Put your hands back on my big balloons while you're lying there, and just look at how fucking big I am," she commanded.

When he had gladly done this, she picked up the tube of lubricant that he'd dropped near her hips.  Bringing it up in front of her face, she raised her head, slightly, so that she could take it with her right hand and squeeze some of the lubricant into her left hand.  Then she placed her head back on her left hand, to prop it up again, and then brought her left hand down under by her crotch where she found his soft organ.

"Look at how swollen I am, honey, with my stacked skyscraper tits," she cooed, as she began to fondle his tiny penis with her left hand.  "Look at how big you pumped 'em, sweetie.  Can you lie there and not get hard again?"

It was true, as Ken held onto her ridiculously swollen chest, his phallus began to swell, yet one more time.

"I'm gonna jack you, and jack you, honey, as you think about just how fucking huge my monster tits are," she said, as she felt his organ swell to full hardness.  "Oh yeah... that's it... you're so hard in my hands again, already!

Ken looked from her oversized wonders to her face and back again, his eyes widening as his excitement took off, yet another time.

"Oh, honey!" she exclaimed.  "That's it!  Oh shit, are you so fucking HARD!  Just keep feeling my huge huge chest, sweetie... Yeah... Just think about how fucking enormous it is, and how flat I used to be...  It's so fucking BIG!  And I know you want it bigger, too!..."  She chuckled, lustily.  "Yeah... When the time comes and my skin can take it...  You're gonna blow me up bigger...  I know it...  So fucking big..."

She had him now.  His mouth was open, and he was breathing hard, his eyes like saucers.
Now to get him to pop an eighth time! Tory thought.

"I want it, honey," she continued in her sexy voice.  "I want to swell even bigger for you... Yeah...  Think of my tits growing even bigger!...  So huge!...  So fucking gigantic!... Another two liters pumped into my tits just for you..."

"UNGHHHH!" Ken groaned as he detonated in her hand.

"Oh fuck, YEAH!!!" Tory cried out, feeling his bulb expand in her hands.  He had no more semen to give, but she could feel his iron cock bulge as he came, felt it throb as it tried to pump cum that it had exhausted long ago.  It lasted but a half-dozen seconds before he became too sensitive to pump, and then she held him in her hand, moving it ever-so-slowly so that he could feel the post-orgasmic shudders just right.

He was panting again, breathing hard, trying to regain his breath.

"Holy shit, girl," he said, at length, once he was able to breath more easily.  "You just don't give up, do you?"

"Uh-uh," she said, and motioned for him to come closer to kiss her.  Her goliaths were too big for her to easily reach over and instigate the kiss.

He moved closer and kissed her deeply, feeling her huge right bosom press up against his chest as he ran his right hand over both of her hyper-blown beauties.

"Do you really want to get even bigger?" he asked, once they broke the deep kiss.

She nodded, her eyes wide.  "Does that excite you?" she whispered.

For an answer, she felt his flaccid penis—still in the palm of her hand—swell.

"Yeah," he replied, smiling, "can you tell?"

"Oh, sweetie," she cooed, "can I ever!  Just think of me pumping up another couple of liters than this!"

"But it'll be even harder to walk," he said, "with all that weight.  You're having difficulty now."

"Yeah!..." she teased.  "And you love it, don't you?  You love that my tits are so fucking big that it's becoming difficult to walk on my own for too long, don't you?"

He had to admit that he did.

"And you love to hear me tell you that that's okay and I want to swell even more!"

She felt his cock swell so fast at those words that he was instantly hard.

She laughed lightly.
"Oh fuck, that's hot that it gets you so excited," she said, quietly, and began to stroke him yet again.  "Honey, I want to make you cum again!" she said.

"Oh shit..." he replied.  "You're gonna wear me out."

"Is that okay?" she teased.

"Uh-huh..." he moaned.  "How many times... uhhh... are you gonna... uhhh... try to get me to... uhhh... cum?"

She smiled an evil smile.

"Till your cock gets so worn out that you can't get hard again," she replied, and shoved her tongue deep into his mouth, while pushing her chest forward with all her might so that he could feel her major-league yabbos push into his chest.

It was taking longer now to get a response from him.  She wasn't surprised.  She had never expected him to cum more than four or five times in a row at all!  She frigged him and teased him and cooed for him and tongue-fucked him, letting him run his hands all over her insanely blown bosoms.  For a while it seemed like it was going nowhere, as if he wouldn't actually go over the edge again.  So she decided to tease him with words again.

"So big, honey..." she cooed.  "I'm so fucking big!  Can you believe it?... Am I too big to roll over on my own?...  Too big to dress myself?...  Too big to sit at a table?...  How long will I be able to stand before I'm too tired?...  How far can I walk like this?...  Will you get excited when I have to sit down, 'cause I'm too exhausted to carry my own boobage?...  What about when I get even bigger?"

That did it.  She definitely felt him swell harder at those words.

"Honey, can you wait until the time when you pump me even bigger?...  So fucking big that I'll barely be able to stand up?...  Will you get excited when I stagger under the weight of my own tits?...  So heavy... I stumble as I cross the room to you... Oh... Too big... My back aches as I try to stand erect... Each step a struggle as my humongous jugs impede my progress... Then, it's too much, honey... Too much for me... I stumble, and fall... exhausted because my big balloon-tits are too heavy... I fall to the floor, honey... Too top heavy to balance..."

She had him close.  So close... He was like iron and he was groaning and breathing like a pack animal hauling a heavy load, sweating like a race horse, his eyes bulging.  She imagined his cock a deep purple, ready to pop at any moment.

She decided to go for broke.

"Yeah... Just think of me with tits so big that I'm too heavy to stand... I stumble from their weight, honey... and I fall, tits first toward the floor... the impact is too much... my bosoms are too full, honey... ready to burst with saline as I crash to the floor... my body slamming down into my gargantuan tits and the impact is too much for them...  I'm too fucking big, honey, and my implants rupture from the impact... exploding from their own sheer size and weight--"

It proved to be his undoing, and with a wimper, he blew up in her hand.

"OH YEAH!!" she squealed.  "Number nine!  Do it!  Cum for me!  Cum for me and my big big tits, honey!  Cum for me and my exploding tits, honey!  Holy shit!  You fucking orgasm machine!"
With his mouth open in delirium, Tory licked the insides and sucked on his tongue, driving him even crazier with desire.  It was intense, but brief.  He had cum too many times too quickly and his orgasms were taking longer to happen and lasting for shorter and shorter periods of time.  In a few seconds it was over and put his hand down there to let her know that he was too sensitive to touch.

She laughed in response.

"Oh shit!" she cried.  "That's so fuckin' hot!"

Monday, October 2, 2017

"Revenge", Chapter 6, part 1

Three years ago, on my old blog, I posted a deleted scene from "Revenge", one that I had originally written, and then realized that I didn't like the direction the plot was taking.  Rather than simply deleting it, I shared it with you all for comments.  Well, we have reached the point in the story where that scene would've been incorporated, so, I put it here for your perusal.  Everything between the words DELETED SCENE and END DELETED SCENE will not make it to the final draft.  However, once that scene is deleted, it would take most of the guts out of this chapter, so I will present this chapter in two parts. 

Not sure if this will be the last segment before I take this blog private.  I will post instructions on the side column soon for how to "sign up" to have access after I take the blog private.  I'll also post those same instructions on my regular blog.

Please be aware that this is a first draft and is bound to have grammatical errors.



Shadowmuse Blown

Chapter Six

September '15

It was early morning, right after breakfast, when he brought her to the pump room one day.

She stopped dead before the door when she realized where he'd led her as they had been discussing plans for the coming weekend.

"Honey," she said. "No. You can't be serious. You told me that I was big enough."

He guided her inside and she sat down in the chair. She wore nothing but matching sky blue panties and a very tight camisole that she had gotten when she had been an M-cup.

As he set-up the machine—setting the cup indicator to "R", to match her present size—and prepped her port sites, she continued her objections.

"If you're gonna pump me up a cupsize or two, I guess I can live with that," she conceded. "But please don't pump me as big as last time. I'm so big, already!" She gestured with her hands, holding them out as if to hold her majestic melons, but several inches away. "Look at me! Have you ever been with anyone anywhere near as big as this? Aren't I your fantasy already, honey?"

He nodded. "You certainly are," he replied, and inserted the first needle.

"Then why do you need to make me bigger?" she asked, confused.

"Because," he said, as he finished inserting and clicking in the first needle, and then retrieving the second, "you’ll look even more awesome when you're pumped bigger. It drives me crazy, I can't think of anything else but you."

She was quiet for a moment, as she smiled at the thought of him being unable to take his mind off of her.

Ken finished with the second needle and walked over to the pump.

"Tell me you don't love being the center of my universe," he said, and switched the pump on "SLOW".

"I do," she said, grinning now. "I love the idea of you getting so hard thinking about me... Just a couple of cupsizes, okay?"

He turned the switch to "MEDIUM" and stepped over to her to kiss her.

They kissed for a while, Tory totally lost in lust as he fucked her with his tongue. When they finally broke, her bust hurt from the tightening cami. She looked at the machine and saw that it was over a thousand CCs.

"Hun!" she exclaimed. "Turn it off! That's way too much!"

But he only looked at her, smiling. "You look so fucking hot," he replied.

"I'm passed a W-cup, for goodness sake!" she cried. "No, honey... please stop it... I don't want to get any bigger than this! It's too big! It's too big!"

"You want it," he said, and bent down to kiss her.
She felt his tongue invade her mouth even while she heard seams popping on the cami. She whimpered, and tried to say 'no', although his tongue filled far too much of her mouth for her to talk.

"Tell me you want to get bigger, baby," he cooed. "It drives me so crazy..."

1400ccs: Y-cup.

"Holy shit! Holy shit! They're getting so heavy! Please stop pumping me, honey! Please!"

He knew he'd eventually hit some sort of wall with respect to her expansion. He knew there would be a certain point where she'd just freak out about getting any larger. Indeed, if he could get her past this point, he figured there would be many additional walls thereafter.

One wall at a time.


Gently, he took her head in his hands and turned her face to his. "I love you so much," he lied. "You get me so hard when you're bigger," he confessed truthfully. "I can barely take it. I'm so ready to pop now."

"Really?" she asked, calming down, somewhat. "Let me see."

He stepped back, unzipped and fished out his scarlet, throbbing member.


"Oh sweetie..." she cooed.

"Tell me you want to get bigger," he said, softly, pre-cum oozing from the tip of his teeming pole.

"Oh, I do..." she whispered. "I want to get so big for you, honey." She couldn't resist, and reached out to touch his raging boner, even as she grimaced from the pain of the ever tightening camisole. The top of it dug deep into her expanding flesh as her swollen balloons bulged both above and below the straining edge.

Just as her slender, long-nailed fingers touched his engorged prong, the cami gave way and burst open in an incredible display of udder fascination.

Ken groaned and his hot rod detonated, blasting a thick expulsion of cream in an orgasm that felt like it was being ripped from his ecstatic bludgeon.

At 2000ccs, the pump switched off, as Tory stroked Ken's hyper-excited rocket, it's fire shooting a yard across the small room. He cried out in sweet relief. Her chest was so huge, and the vision of her breasts blowing out the cami was so awesome. The fact that she just happened to touch his cock-already on the bursting point—at the same time that the cami blew out only added to his incredibly intense orgasm.

"Ooooooh..." he moaned, quivering in ecstasy, as her fingers slid over his hyper-excited dome, and eliciting another thick stream of milky rope to be jettisoned. He held onto the chair with one hand and he ran the other over a newly swollen bosom. She was so fucking hot looking: that face, those gigantic swollen balloons with her dark gnarly nipples sticking out and calling him to suck on them. She stroked him expertly, heightening the orgasm considerably.

Tory looked down at his member: it was bigger and redder than she could ever recall. It even felt harder than she had ever felt it, too. It was so fucking hot to watch the sheer amount of cum that gushed out of that angry red bulb, inflating slightly each time it blasted that delicious hot cream. Her excitement only caused her own nipples to stiffen extensively, which, in turn, fueled Ken's orgasm all the more.

"That's it, honey..." she cooed. "Shoot it all out for your balloon-breasted girl... Yeah... Oh, honey, you are a fucking semen machine!... Shoot it!... Shoot it!... Am I big enough to make you keep on pumpin', honey?... Yeah... Look at how fucking huge you made me... So fucking big... Just for you to cum... and cum... and cum..."

She stroked him until his final post-orgasmic shivers finally finished.

"Oh shit, baby," he whispered, once he'd finally finished and bent over to cup her face and kiss her passionately. When they broke the kiss, he shoved his softening pecker back into his pants and zipped up. "You're so fucking hot."

"Do you like your handiwork?" she asked, with a sly smile. But she looked down at her newly pumped orbs and thought, Fuck! They're so fucking BIG! And they're SO heavy!

He looked her hyper-blown hooters, so big and round lying atop her semi-reclined ribcage.

"You bet I do," he said, as his crotch began to swell once more. "You look fucking awesome!"

Her distaste for her breasts' extreme size began to melt as she watched his reaction.

"Well," she said, "if you'd help me out of these needles, you can play with them all you'd like."

As Ken removed the needles and put Band-aides over the entry points of the large needles, Tory considered her size.

I think I can live with these easily enough, she thought to herself. They're SO much bigger, but I can learn to compensate for the extra size and weight. He loves them SO much! And my fans will go ga-ga over these whales! But where is it going to end? Every time he pumps me larger, I think: 'oh, that's GOT to be enough for him.' But is it? Is this finally big enough for him? How much bigger will he want me to go?

He helped her stand—Tory feeling for the first time what over 25 pounds of breasts feels like as they pulled her on her torso—and she discarded what was left of the cami. Previously, her breasts had weighed about 16 pounds together. The added weight was a considerable difference.

Standing to her right, Ken kissed her passionately, once more, his left hand up against her supple nipple and his right running over and around her newly swollen right sphere, which stuck out an incredible eight-and-a-half inches from her ribcage. Her spherical boobs together measured just over 17 inches wide, altogether.

"Honey," she said once they had broken the kiss, minutes later, "how much bigger are you going to pump me?" She looked down at her massive glands. She felt like the captain of a tanker ship up in his bridge looking down at his enormous vessel. Had she really been flatchested, once?

He smiled, and took her hand to lead her down the hall. As they left the room, Tory noted that the cupsize indicator on the pump read "ZB".

"Your implants are only rated for a thousand CCs," he said.

"But you've pumped 5600ccs into each of my tits if that pump is to be believed," she pointed out.

"Yeah, the implants can be overfilled to around eight times their standard rating," he said.

Eight TIMES! screamed Tory's mind. Eight thousand CCs!

"But it's not really recommended to go that far," he added, calming her fears a little. "I want to have you visit the doctor next week so that he can see if everything looks okay. He'll do an ultrasound and make sure everything's fine with you and your implants."

Tory smiled as he led her into the bedroom.

"So, you don't think you should pump me up to the full 8,000ccs, then," she stated.

"No," he replied, turning to her at the foot of the bed, "I think we've pumped these implants as much as we should."

She broke out into a huge grin. "Come on," she said, and began unbuttoning his shirt, "let's try these babies out on you."

~ ~ ~  DELETED SCENE` ~ ~ ~

Bill couldn't believe his eyes.

First, he couldn't believe that the woman sitting at the table in the library had the biggest chest he had ever seen in real life. She was curled up in an overstuffed armchair which the library had available in several locations for relaxed reading. She sat sideways in the chair, and had her legs folded up against her abdomen with her gigantic round spherical breasts resting atop her knees and the hardcover book she was reading propped up atop her overblown assets. She was oblivious to everything else in the library, and that allowed Bill to observe her for a while without worrying about her catching his eye. She was thin and wore a short blue and white striped dress, which was apparently cut to about mid-thigh (he wasn’t exactly sure as her position could have made the little dress ride up her thighs). The stripes were wide, perhaps two-inches wide, each, and the arms of the dress were three-quarter length. A deep scoop neck afforded a good view of her cavernous cleavage bulging beneath her chin. She wore 3-inch white stilettos and had long, voluminous platinum white hair that cascaded about her shoulders. Her eyes were big and bright and a riveting steel blue, and she wore thick black eyeliner and long full fake eyelashes that actually were done very well—he was only guessing that they were fake, for they were so very full and large.

As he watched her from the vantage point of a long maple table in the center of the room, he studied her face and began to feel that he recognized her from somewhere.

But where?

He'd certainly never known such a superbuster before in his life!

Her tits were obviously overpumped fakes. Perhaps he'd known her when she wasn't so hyper-buxom?

That white hair...

Those driller-blue eyes...

Oh my goodness, he thought after several minutes. Could that be Tory?

He had fallen in love with her several years ago—despite the fact that she was flatchested: although his cock preferred a big chest, his heart had been won by her interests and personality—but she had seen him as a casual fling. They had dated for several months, on again, then off again, at her whim. But she had continued to see him for a while at his persistence. She seemed to genuinely enjoy his company, but had difficulty in just "going" with the relationship. She had finally broke it off and had bluntly told him the reason.

"I love spending time with you, Billy," she had told him. "But I don't want to fall in love with you." She had told him, that although they had great times together—better times than she had with anyone else, in fact—she didn't want to have a long-term relationship with a man unless he was the "perfect one". She wanted someone who she could not only have great times with, but someone who was physically her dream and very well off. What she had not told him, but what he had heard from her friend Abby, was that she also seemed to prefer guys who told her what to do and were somewhat aloof at times. He had been willing to follow his heart, but she had been unwilling not to have the physical. He hadn't been buff enough or rich enough or, ironically, enough of a "user".

That had been several years ago.

And now, here she was in a library in Brooklyn.

"Tory Avalon," he said to her, quietly, after walking right up to one side of the leather chair and looking down on her outrageous form that gave him a woody so hard that it actually hurt.

She looked up at him and bat her eyes.

"Billy Torrent!" she said, almost instantly—and too loud for a library—a huge grin coming over her features. She was seriously happy to see him. She got out of the chair and came to her feet, stabilizing herself with a hand to the backside of the chair as she did so. Eight-and-a-half inches of monster breasts separated their torsos from each other for a moment and then she swiveled her Hindenburgs to one side and threw her arms out to embrace him about the neck and shoulders.

He put his arms around her waist, her gargantuan right breast pressing against his chest as she pressed her closed lips against him in a warm kiss.

She stepped back in the next moment and looked at him.

"Holy shit," she exclaimed, "it's good to see you!"

"Really?" he asked.

"Yeah!" she replied. "We had such great times!" She took his hand and led him towards the lobby. "Come on, we have to talk about old times and shit."

He smiled, and let himself be guided out of the library by this gorgeous blonde and her impossibly gargantuan breasts. They walked side by side down the concrete steps, her enormous tanks bopping up and down tersely with each step. She was SO big!

"What are you doing here at the library in the middle of a weekday afternoon?" he asked her, as they headed down the street to a location in Tory's head. It wasn't really the first thing he wanted to know, but it was as good as any place to start.

"I was let go from my old job last year," she said, smiling.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Bill said.

"Don't be," she replied. "I'm good with it now... They didn't like it when I had my chest blown up past an I-cup." She laughed, and pointed out a little coffee shop down the street. "Is that good for you?"

"Huh?" he said, and looked at where she was pointing. "Sure. I've got the day off, so let's go."


"Tory," he began, "what's the deal with the big chest?"

She laughed again, looking down at her massive balloons as they reverberated with each step she took on the concrete sidewalk. "Not what you'd've expected of me, huh?"

"Now that's an understatement!" he said, laughing, as well. "You were the crusader against big tits, girl. What happened to you?"

"You think I look like a freak?" she asked, seriously. "Don't worry about hurting my feelings, Billy. Believe me, I can take it. I'm not expecting anything else. After all, you were attracted to me as a flatsy." She paused a moment. "But, I'd like to know," she added, somewhat quieter.

He smiled, and shook his head. "I was attracted to you because of your beauty and because of who you were when you were around me," he said. "I want to tell you something... I was attracted to you despite the fact that you were flatchested. Not because of it."

She stopped walking—two dozen steps from the coffee shop—and turned her whole body to look at him; her face was full of surprise.

"What?" she asked, totally taken aback. "You prefer big tits?"

"Actually..." he replied, nodding, "Yeah! A lot." She looked absolutely amazing standing there, looking back at him with those simply stupendous breasts. Extra emphasis was added to them by the wide stripes that ran across their double bulge.

She stared at him for a moment before a big grin came over her face.

"You're shitting me," she laughed.

"No," he said, seriously. "I'm not. I think you look fucking awesome."

She jerked her head back as if he'd slapped her.

"You do?" It was far from what she had expected to hear. She glanced down at his crotch and was surprised to see his groin bulging in excitement. "Fuck," she said, quietly. "I guess you do!"

"Come on," he said, smiling, and taking her by the arm to herd her towards the coffee shop. "I think I'd feel a bit more comfortable if I were sitting down behind a table."

Tory laughed.

"What the fuck did you see in me, then?" she wondered.

"I saw a gorgeous girl who I found was really interesting and a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with," he replied as they entered the cafe and found a small table out of the way towards the back. "The more time I spent with you, the more I realized how special you were," he added. "I wasn't about to give you up simply because you weren't perfect in the chest department to me."

She shook her head, as she sat down across from him. "I had no idea," she said.

"Oh, I know," he replied. "Had you ever found out, you would've ripped me across the coals."

She grimaced. "Yeah," she agreed, "I guess I would've."

"You sound like you're sorry about that," he pointed, out as a waitress came over and took their order for lunch.

After they ordered, Tory sighed.

"I was a hostile bitch," she said. "I look back on it now and I can't believe what a small-minded bastard I was."

"Not with me, you weren't," he pointed out.

She shrugged.

"But I saw little bits of that side of you, that's for sure," he said.

"I liked you," she pointed out. "I could be nice to people I liked or thought I could get something from. Anyone else didn't really matter."

"Sounds like you've learned some lessons," Bill said.

She nodded and looked down at her massive chest, indicating it with open palms and splayed fingers. "These have kinda forced me to gain a new perspective," she admitted.

"So, tell me about how those came about," he said. "I wouldn't have imagined you with any sort of chest in a million years."

She smiled, sheepishly.

"I found my perfect man," she said, quietly.

"Really?" he asked. "That's great!"

"The trouble was, I wasn't completely his perfect woman," she admitted.

"He likes big boobs," Bill stated.

She nodded. "I had no idea at the time, just how big he likes them," she laughed--a little cynically.

"Apparently," Bill noted, "pretty damn big."

"He's loaded, Billy," she told him. "He offered to get me breasts... A C-cup to start. I balked, at first, but figured: 'Hey, I can put up with C-cup tits for the man of my dreams, can't I?' It took a lot of soul-searching."

"I bet," Bill said.

"But when I finally had my C-cup tits," she continued. "I found out that it wasn't enough to make him cum."

Bill nodded. He had had a little difficulty in that department with her, himself, but he had compensated by focusing on her big, super-round ass, which had driven him crazy with lust.

"He needed you to get bigger in order to cum," Bill said.

"Yeah," she replied. "He needed me to be, at least, an F-cup."

Bill raised his eyebrows.

"And then he wanted me to get bigger," she added. Then, after a pause: "...And bigger. And bigger."

"And bigger!" Bill said. "To the point where you lost your job because they didn't appreciate it."

Tory shrugged and nodded with a slight grin.

"What about you, Tor?" he asked. "Did you want to keep expanding like that? Did you want to get this big?"

Tory pursed her lips.

"Not exactly," she said, quietly.

"Then, why..." he prompted.

"Because it gets him hot, that's why," she said, quickly. "I'd object, at first, but then I'd come around and see how fucking hot it was too see him get so excited, and so, I'd finally go along with it."

"Are you saying he began pumping your implants before you agreed to it?" Bill asked.

She hedged a moment, before reluctantly answering, "Yeah... sometimes he starts them before I want him to."

Bill looked at her quizzically, getting worried. "Tory... what the fuck? What kind of "perfect guy" is it that does something without your permission? Do you tell him that you don't want to get the implants pumped?"

Again, she reluctantly replied: "Uh... yeah... I guess."

"And he does it, anyway?" Bill asked, getting upset. "That's forcing you to do something against your Will, Tor!"

"It's not so bad," she whispered, trying to calm him down. "I like it, after all."

"Do you?" he asked her. "Really? Do you really like having such an enormous chest?"

She looked down at her nearly basketball-sized breasts, and considered them. Then, after a moment, she looked up.

"I do now," she said.

"Why?" he asked.

"'Cause it gets Ken hot," she replied. "It drives him crazy! And I absolutely love that!"

Bill nodded.

"As long as you're enjoying them being this size, then that's cool," he said. "I guess."

"Well," she replied, "they are awfully big. But I also learned some valuable lessons along the way to attaining this size."

"Like what?"

"Like what it's like to be a woman with big breasts," she answered. "How nasty and demeaning some people can be, and how it wears down your self-esteem. And how fucking awful I used to be to people. I used to be one of those assholes!"

She looked upset.

"You've really changed," Bill said.

"I've learned what's it's like to be on the receiving end of stinging remarks and hateful barbs," she explained. "And I feel really bad about what I used to put people through."

"I'm glad you've managed to grow from this whole experience," he said. "And I don't just mean your boobs."

She smiled.

"But my next question is this:" Bill began, "How big does he plan on pumping you? Do you even know?"

"Well," Tory replied, "apparently these implants can only be overfilled so much and I'm near that capacity now. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to have to get them replaced. I visited the doctor a few weeks ago, and apparently, there's a slight defect with these implants. So, I'm flying down to Brazil in a couple of days for replacements."

"Brazil?" Bill asked, confused.

"Ken's doctor is in Brazil," she replied. "So, he flies me down there."

"He couldn't find a doctor he likes in the States?" Bill asked, getting a little suspicious.

She shrugged. "I guess not. I never really asked him about it."

"But, that's it, though, right?" Bill asked. "No more pumping you up like a living blow-up doll?"

"I'm guessing he might want to fill me to capacity, eventually, when I get the new implants," Tory replied.

"How much more is that?" Bill asked.

"Well, I'm at 5600ccs, now. In each breast," she said. "And supposedly, the ultimate overfill capacity of these implants is 8,000ccs, so he wouldn't be able to pump me any more than another 1400ccs."

"That's still gonna be a lot," Bill pointed out.

"Eh..." she replied. "A few more pounds and another inch or so in diameter for each boob, I think."

"Tory!" Bill responded, somewhat harshly. "You're basically talking about tits the size of basketballs, then!"

"Look how big I am Billy," she said, sitting upright and jutting out her massive knockers. "I'm not that far from that size now. All's I'm saying is that if it stopped there, I'd be okay with it as long as that was it."

"But you're not looking forward to it," Bill rebutted. "So, why get any bigger at all? Just tell him, 'no'."

"I'm kinda resigned to it," she said with a shrug. "It's more than I want, but it'll also be so fucking hot to see his reaction to it."

Bill shook his head. "I don't get you," he replied. "You never used to be the sort who'd let some guy tell you that you had to change yourself for him."

"That's because I'd never had a guy that I wanted as much as Ken," she said.

Their lunch came and Tory had to swivel her torso to one side, otherwise her hyper-pumped bombshells blocked the view of her plate, or worse, would actually have had to sit in her plate. She ate lunch with one hand.

After that, they primarily talked about old times. They were so engrossed with conversation that Tory invited Bill over to her place to continue it there. Bill cancelled the plans he had made with friends via a few texts and then accompanied Tory to the subway. He marveled, not only at her absolutely outrageous form—enormous boobs bobbing way out in front; deep scoop neckline to show them off; amazingly round and firm ass gyrating back and forth; gorgeous, soft, flowing hair bouncing off her shoulders—but at the looks she received from onlookers: stunned, derisive, lustful, humorous, and a host of others. Almost everyone cast, at least, a glance at her and her incredible body.

Once, while standing on the subway, the train had lurched, causing Tory to fall forward toward Bill, her outstanding blimps to bounce into his torso. She laughed, and righted herself. Bill smiled, too, but the sensation had been sinfully erotic. He was surprised that he hadn't shot right in his pants as he felt those twin balloons press against him and saw them bulge indecently out of her neckline.

"How do manage to stand in a subway car with heels and those boobs?" he asked her, as they left the train and headed for the surface.

"Practice," she replied, with a smile. "It wasn't easy to learn."

A couple of blocks from the station, they came to her building.

They continued to talk about old times for a while, as they sat in her living room, but at one point, they talked about her old job, which led to details about how she had been let go.

"What do you do now?" Bill asked her.

She smiled deviously. "I'm kind of an adult model slash stripper," she told him.

"What?" Bill couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I have a website and I pose for pictures and do webcam shows, and lately I've been on tour doing a strip act."

"You're kidding," he responded. "I can't believe what I'm hearing."

"Billy," she said, "look at me. I'm a freakin' sex fantasy in heels. Why not use my looks to make money since my old profession is now blocked? Why shouldn't I use the very thing that got me fired in the first place?"

"I guess..." he said. "It's just so unlike you."

"This!" Tory took hold of her major-league jumbos with her splayed fingers from underneath, and shook them. "...is unlike me!"

He nodded, dumbly. She was right: monster-sized breasts were totally out of place on her, at least, from his past experience with her. But that Tory seemed long gone now. This one was far softer and sweeter. He reached out and took some of her silky hair in his hand, to feel its softness.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"I'm getting used to it," he replied. "But yeah, it's really hot."

She smiled. Then, she stood up in front of his position on the couch.

"You want to see me do a lap dance?" she asked, mischievously.

"You do that, too?" he asked.

"To guys that are nice and pay the right price," she said, pushing his legs open with her calves.

"How much do you charge for one of those?"

"Fifty bucks a pop," she replied. "Ken says I should ask more."

"He's probably right," Bill said, looking up at those cantilevered balloons of hers jutting out above him.

She had her iPod with her and put on a song with a good beat and began to rhythmically undulate between his thighs, slowly pushing her way to his groin.

He was rock-hard.

"So, what do you think?" she asked after a minute. "Is this worth fifty bucks?"

"I think you're gonna make me pump in my pants," Bill replied.

She smiled—another devious smile, and moved forward to rub her thigh against his crotch.

"You're allowed to put your hands on me," she said. "It's part of the package."

He let his hands run up her thighs and over her hips.

"I don't think your boyfriend will appreciate this," he said.

"Why?" she teased, pressing against his enraged cock even more. "I do it at the clubs all the time, why should he care if I do with an old flame?"

"You must get guys to pop all the time doing this," Bill said.

"I do," she replied, lazily, "but I get even more to cum during a private dance."

"Where's that done?"

"In a special room away from everyone," she replied. "Then it's just me and the guy."

"I'm guessing it's more than fifty bucks," Bill said.

"Three hundred," she said and backed up. "You want a performance?"


Before Bill could say much of anything, she was on her knees, unzipping his fly and fishing out his big, red member. It was oozing precum.

"Oh, honey," she cooed. "Just as big as I remember. Ten inches of pure lust." She pushed her twin leviathans forward so that his precum pooled in her cleavage. She pulled down the front of her dress and pressed her swollen bombs up against the tip of his enraged cock. "Ready?"

"Your boyfriend is okay with you doing this, too?" he asked.

"Oh yes..." she cooed, and slowly pushed her big fleshbags forward, enveloping his hyper-excited cock.

"Oh..." Bill moaned, his eyes bulging. "Tory... I'm... not... gonna..."

"Too much for you?" she teased, as his cock—lubricated by his own precum—sank between her lust balloons. "Too big and swollen and bulging for you?"

"Uh..." With his rod sunk halfway into her amazing orbs, his over-stimulated pecker exploded, blasting his hot spunk deep between her luscious spheres of desire.

She chuckled, lustily. "That's it, honey. Show Tory how much you missed her." She had forgotten how much bigger Bill was than Ken, and although Ken managed to shoot a huge amount of semen, putting Bill in the minor leagues. Still, Bill came a lot compared to the average Joe, shooting long, heavy streams of thick, creamy spunk between her heavenly bodies. Semen burbled up through her cleavage in great milky gobs and splattered down her belly in thick rivulets, even as it oozed down between her jumbos to soak her bra and dress.

Bill had reached forward to take huge handfuls of her wondrous swollen desires, bringing his head closer to hers.

She looked up at him and parted her lips: kiss me.

He leaned forward and felt her plush creamy appendages press into his own as her tongue flowed into his mouth.

"That's it, honey," she whispered between bouts of kissing, "flood my big tits... Something you could never do before... yeah... pump it, honey... pump it all out between my fat balloons..."

He looked at her gorgeous, curvy face while they kissed: her sensual, smoky eye make-up; the round swell of her cheeks, and the way her beautiful, full, platinum hair fell away from her face. Along with her tongue, burrowing into his mouth, and her words, all just reinforced her sexuality and the experience of his cock exploding over and over again between her luscious, swollen bosoms

She brought her own hands up to place them outside of his own, and to press his hands into her giant breasts even more as his orgasm began to wind down.

Then, after a little while, he brought his hands up to her face as they continued to kiss, Tory holding her abundant delights together to coddle his exhausted fire hose.

"You're so fucking gorgeous," he told her. "I've missed you so much."

She smiled, briefly between bouts of tongue-fucking him.

Then: "You've never had me like this before."

As he finished his orgasms, he reclined back with a deep sigh.

Tory removed his still-hard and dripping pole from her cavernous cleavage and took him in her mouth as he finished his post orgasmic shudders.

After he'd finally finished his last shudder, she pulled his member from her mouth and looked up at him.

"That was fucking amazing," she said.

He looked down at her with an exhausted smile. "I'll say," he replied with a short laugh.

She looked down at the 0creamy cum puddled between her giant bosoms—felt it dripping down her stomach and on her thighs.

"I need to clean up," she said, with understatement, and looked up. "You wanna join me in the shower?"

"Tory," he began, "why did you do this? Don't get me wrong: I'm happy you did, but I don't get it. Are you unhappy in your relationship with your boyfriend?"

"I love Ken and we have a great relationship," she said. "But this is just fun. I do this all the time with guys at my shows."

"You kiss them like that?"

She pursed her lips.

"No," she admitted. "I got carried away. I never kiss during a private dance."

"Then why did you kiss me?" he wanted to know.

She thought a moment before answering.

"I don't know," she admitted. "It just felt right. I dunno..."

"You're gonna get seriously mixed up if you keep kissing me like that," he said. "Or, perhaps you feel a bit mixed-up already."

She nodded. "I guess a lot of my old feelings for you came flooding back in and I just went for it... I probably shouldn't have."

He nodded.

"I love you," he said, simply. "You know that."

She smiled, weakly. "Uh-huh."

"Did you love me?" he asked her.

"I told you I didn't," she replied.

"I know," he said. "I know what you told me. But now I'm asking: 'Did you ever actually love me?'"

She laughed. "You want to know how I really felt, is that it? And maybe never told you?"

"Of course," he admitted. "I figure the 'old you' would never have told me. The 'new you', might."

She smiled again.

"You want the truth?" she asked.

He nodded.

"I think I was falling in love with you, yeah," she said. "I think it scared me, and that's why I broke it off for good."

He looked at her for a moment before saying: "I kinda figured that that might've been the reason. Thanks for telling me."

"You're very special to me, Billy," she said. "Now that I've found you again, I don't want to lose you. I need a friend. My old ones don't want anything to do with me anymore. They think I've lost my mind. I'm just a blimp-titted bimbo to them now. Abby held on the longest, but she finally got disgusted with me and won't return my calls or texts."

He smiled at her.

"Do you mind if I'm still in love with you?" he asked.

She grinned broadly.

"No, that's perfectly fine," she said.

"It's not going to be easy," he said. "And I can't just be your 'friend' if you kiss me like that. That's too much for me to take, I'm afraid. I should just tell you 'no', because I want you all to myself."

She watched him for a moment to see what he'd say next. She felt his semen continue to ooze down through her cleavage and down along her well-muscled abdomen.

"If you'll be my friend again," she said, "I promise: no french-kisses, and no coitus."

He laughed.

"But oral sex and fucking your boobs is okay?" he asked. It was ludicrous.

"And hand-jobs," she added. "But no vaginal or anal penetration."

"That's where you draw the line, huh?" He couldn't believe her logic.

She nodded. "Uh-huh."

"I must be crazy," he replied.

She burst out into a major-league grin. "Then you'll do it?" She got up, cum dripping from beneath her massive tanks. "You'll be my friend again, and love me, and be there for me, and watch out for me and talk long talks into the night?"

This is crazy, he thought to himself, but nodded with a smile.

"I will," he said.

She bent down, took his face in her hands, and gave him a big close-lipped kiss on the mouth. Then she collapsed onto the couch, beside him in spray of cum droplets.

"Oh Billy!" she exclaimed. "You've made me so happy!"

He shook his head, smiling. He had to be with her. He couldn't help it.

"You got a washer and dryer by any chance?" he asked.

"Yeah," she replied. "Why?"

"'Cause I'm gonna need to wash out these clothes you just splattered with my own cum, that's why!"

"Sorry," she laughed, "but it's your own fault! Good thing my couch is leather, it'll be easier to clean."

Tory led him to the kitchen where she had them strip off their clothes and dump them into the small stacked washer and dryer hidden in one of the pantries. Beneath her dress she wore white bra and panties, the bra being a custom-engineered creation for her giant ZB-cup dirigibles. She asked him to unhook it for her as she turned her back and Bill got to see a five-hook bra for the first time in his life. When she turned around again, Bill's already erect cock stiffened considerably at the sight of her naked round spheres sporting three-inch wide pebbled areolae and three-quarter-inch stiff nipples.

[^check sizes]

"Fuck," he said, staring at her swollen balloons.

"No," she replied with a smile, "I told you: no intercourse."

"Holy shit, Tory," he said, "you're built like sex on heels."

"I know," she whispered, and led him to the bathroom after the rest of their clothes were put into the washer and she turned the machine on.

"Do you make a good income from the sex stuff?" he asked.

"I didn't really start making serious money until I began to dance," she replied. "I can clear a few thousand in a night, sometimes."

She turned on the water and they got in. The shower was a tad bigger than a regular shower stall, but there still wasn't a lot of extra room with Tory’s big belugas taking up the extra maneuvering space. They soaped up each other's backsides and then Bill lathered her up beginning with her feet, working his way along her legs and privates, then stomach. When he stood up to soap her amazing breasts, she took the opportunity to lather up his groin, as well.

"You don't play fair," he gasped, as she stroked his now solid member over and over again with the suds. With his hands working her giant orbs, he soon became weak in the knees.

"But your cock is so dirty!" she pouted, pushing him against the tiled wall with her overfilled melons.

Bill held onto a pair of chrome handrails as he moaned and began to lose control, shaking like a leaf.

"Uh..." he gasped, as she stared him down with an ultra-hot look.

"What's the matter, honey?" she cooed. "Why did you stop washing me?" She worked her daunting doublegangers into his chest as she stroked him and stroked him.

His eyes began to bulge as he felt his orgasm race to his cock. She was so sexy and hot, her boobs so fucking big and round, those nipples so stiff as they drilled into his chest, and her hands felt so slick on his throbbing cock that he knew he'd bust any second.

"Do you want me to stop?" she asked, in a sultry voice.

"N... no..." he managed to utter through his moans.

"Then cum!" she urged, and tightened her fingers around his shaft.

His response was immediate, and with a deep groan, his cock inflated and exploded in her eager hands.

"Oh yeah!" she cooed, as she felt his hot spunk rocket out to blast the undersides of her titanic tits. "That's it, honey! That's what I want... Just cum and cum and cum!"

As she worked him and worked him, Bill brought his hands up to take her bloated bombardiers and feel their sheer size and fullness.

So fucking enormous!

Had she been any mere mortal with an ordinary cupsize, her face would've been right up against his, instead, her eyes—hungrily locked on his as he came—were nearly eight inches away. It all just emphasized just how damn huge she really was.

He stared back into her gaze, unable to take his eyes off of hers.

Cum! Her eyes seemed to urge him on.

He pumped and pumped as the shower splattered warm water over the two of them, washing away his copious load.

"I missed this big cock," she said. "But you’re pumping more than I remember, honey. Is it my tits? Is my big fat pumped-up titties that's causing you to get so much more excited? Yeah... Pump it all out for me, honey... I love to feel your cock bulge as it pumps... It's so fucking hot..."

After the shower, she gave him one of Ken's extra robes that he used occasionally when he spent time at her place.

"Damn," Bill said, "but I didn't even think of that. Does your boyfriend have a key to your place?"

"Uh-huh," Tory replied, looking resplendent in a thick white fluffy robe with the front open above the belt, showing off her cock-stiffening cleavage.

"Then, can't he suddenly come in here at any time?"

"No," she said, as if it was obvious. She was unloading the washer and throwing their clothes into the dryer. "Ken's away this week."

"Well, that's good to know," Bill replied, with some relief.

After cleaning up the wooden floor and leather couch in the living room from Bill's first deluge, they ordered out some pizza for dinner and Tory surprised Bill with several DVDs in her cabinet. Bill came over to read the titles.

"Day of the Triffods, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Quatermass Experiment!" Bill read, excitedly. "These are some of the movies we used to talk about watching, but never got too before we broke up."

She smiled. "You wanna make it a '50s movie marathon night?"

He laughed. The two of them were avid sci-fi and fantasy fans, and had long ago discussed watching some old movies that they had seen as kids, but had never gotten around to it.

"Have you watched them?" he asked her.

"I meant to," she said, "but for some reason never did."

So, they just hung out like couch potatoes and watched classic sci fi movies.

The two of them sat side by side, reclined on the plush couch. Sometime halfway through the first movie, Tory noticed that Bill's cock was tenting his robe. She nonchalantly reached over and pushed the sides of the robe away and began to fondle his teeming pole.

"Uhhh..." Bill moaned.

"What's up with this, honey?" she asked.

"You think I don't notice your big boobs sitting there on top of your ribcage?" he said. "Fuck."

She chuckled, lustily, and pulled the left side of her robe away from her swollen bowling ball to expose her poker as she continued to fondle him.

Still moaning, Bill moved in to suck on her fat nipple, her bosom filling his field of view as if it were a planet, and soon the movie was forgotten as they both moaned in delight. After a few minutes, though, Tory pulled his head away from her hyper-excited spigot.

"This sucks," she said, unaware of the pun. "You're driving me crazy, and I want you to fuck me so badly."

Bill nodded and stood up.

"Lie down," he instructed.

"Billy!" she chided. "You can't fuck me! It'll screw things up big time."

Bill smiled, aware of her ability to make puns and not even be aware of it.

"I'm not," he said. "Now just lie down."

She did, opening the robe while Bill cast his to the floor. Then he straddled her in a 69 position and fed her eager mouth his fat cock while he buried his face in her crotch.

Her clitoris was so swollen that it appeared about the size of a grape and he teased it with his lips and tongue until she was writhing beneath him, her bulbous gourds shaking beneath his stomach. Most of the time she didn't suck on him, as she needed air to gasp, but he didn't mind. She'd made him cum a couple of times already that day, and he needed to return the favor. With his fingers buried deep within her canal, he teased and sucked her clit mercilessly until she howled, and her body shook in spasms. When she finally popped, she screamed, and flooded the leather couch with her gush of vaginal fluid, while Bill hung on for dear life and continued his incessant teasing.

He felt her mammoth mammaries as they bounced and quivered under him, pushing against his belly again and again, and making his cock grow harder and harder.

When she finished cumming, she took hold of his rock-solid pole in her mouth and within a few seconds had him gushing down her throat, moaning against her thighs.

Eventually, they did finish watching the movies, but only after teasing each other in a similar fashion, several more times that evening.

~ ~ ~   END DELETED SCENE  ~ ~ ~

A few days later, Tory was in Brazil being fitted with replacement implants. Apparently, her doctor in New York had found a defect in one of them, and Ken felt it would be safer just to have them both replaced.

When she was able to get the bandages off for the first time and could sit or stand upright, she realized that she had been right that the implants felt different.

"They feel heavier and a little bulkier," she mused to Adrianna, who had met her again on this visit to keep her company and to ensure everything went went well.

"That's because they are," Adrianna replied. "But only by 400ccs. Ken had instructed that these should be filled to a full 6,000ccs."

Tory smiled and shook her head as she considered her enormous tankers hanging off of her chest like a pair of super-sized Christmas balls. "That man won't be satisfied till he's got me blown to the full 8,000ccs these suckers are rated for."

Adrianna raised her eyebrows, but seemed to realize something and then settled her composure into a warm smiled, and nodded.

"Oh, he'll do it, alright," Tory said to her friend, misreading Adrianna's surprised reaction.

"I'm sure you're right," Adrianna replied, with an even wider grin.

But soon, Tory was back on American soil again. She adjusted to the additional 400ccs of saline easily enough and the weeks and months went by quickly with her time divided between dancing, web shoots, cam shows, and dates with Ken—who would come see her on the road often.